10 Minute Workout, HIIT workout

Can you actually achieve anything from a 10 minute workout?

For sure! In fact, these are some of my favourite workouts. They are especially good if you are short for time but really want to squeeze in a high intensity workout. And I believe that anything we do above our normal sedentary lifestyle is good for our fitness and general health. The workout routine below is absolutely awesome, and is based on the running HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine. Just condensed for you to cram it into 10 minutes.

I’m also an advocate for this type of training for anyone wishing to burn off some fat. It’s a great weight loss exercise program. Research has shown that you can burn similar amounts of fat as regular long endurance type fat burning sessions!

So I’ll be writing a lot about HIIT routines, and I’m sure that many of the workouts submitted by the Home Fitness community will involve the HIIT training principle also.10 Minute Workout (A Running HIIT Routine

As always, you should start this session with a thorough warm up. It’s going to be a gruelling workout, so you want to ensure you are ready for it. Remaining injury free is all part of maintaining your overall fitness.

When you are ready, you want to set your stop watch to bleep at 30 second intervals (you can just keep an eye on your watch but it’s much more cumbersome).

Then start this workout with a 30 second steady jog, taking you to your first beep. On this first beep, up the tempo so you are running at between 90% and 95% of your maximum all out sprint. Then, on the second beep, ease yourself into another 30 second steady jog interval.

Repeat this procedure until you reach the end of your session.

By the end, you’ll have completed at total of 10 sprint intervals or 300 seconds of near sprinting, whichever way you want to look at it.

Then, after you’ve finished, make sure you perform a thorough cool down and stretch routine to aid recovery and prevent injury.

I’ll summarise this below in list form . . .

Thorough warm up.30 second steady jog30 second near sprint (90% to 95% of maximum)30 second steady jog

Repeat jog/near sprint until end of 10 minute workout

Thorough cool down and stretch routine

This short session might sound easy . . . but it really isn’t! If it’s your first attempt at HIIT training, then after 5 or 6 sprint intervals you’ll be wondering what you got yourself into.

But persevere. After a few sessions your body will become accustomed to the intensity, and you’ll really look forward to these sessions.

If it is a little tough to begin with, just increase the time for the steady jog interval to 1 minute to give yourself additional recovery time. You’ll have a total of 6 sprint intervals instead of 10. Then just build up from there.

10 Minute to 20 Minute Workout Progression

As you get fitter and fitter you’ll want to progress. If motivation for exercise is something you need to be mindful of, becoming stagnant in your exercise is the last thing you want. If you get bored or you stop seeing progression then you’re likely to take a backwards step on your journey towards your ultimate goal.

So when your 10 minute workout begins to get easy, or you just feel that it’s time to start pushing yourself harder, you can progress from the 10 minute to 20 minute workout. you don’t have make the leap in one go, but build up to this level of exercise gradually.

Once you’ve built up to 10 intervals, increase the time for each high intensity interval by 5 seconds per week. This way it will take you 6 weeks to progress from your 10 minute workout to your 20 minute workout. This steady exercise progression will minimise the risk of picking up an injury.