Successful Weight loss

So many people try unsuccesfully to lose weight. They try every diet and every new weight loss system on the market and yet they never succeed in losing weight and keeping the weight off. Chances are that you have tried many diets, pills and systems and even though you may have lost a couple of pounds along the way, it is not long and those pounds seem to find their way back to you, and they even bring some friends along with them.

Part and parcel of the reason that you never fully succeed in losing weight and keeping the weight loss under control is that the system is not designed for you to stay thin. The system wants you to come back time and time again and to buy their latest products and feed the 50 billion dollar empire that they have built.

We are often taught that how well you succeed in your weight loss goals will depend on how much you are willing to sacrifice in order to keep that weight loss off. We are taught that there are three keys to weight loss. Without further elaboration, let us look at the three key’s to weight loss  which we are taught to follow in order to lose weight.

1) The Good Colon Cleanse

Maintaining a healthy and regular colon is at the top of the list. In health terms, food consumed should be eliminated from the body within 8 hours of consumption. You typically eat three times a day and therefore theoretically you should have bowel movements three times per day!  Anything less than the three bowel movements a day means that food is being slowed down in the elimination process and will result in additional weight gain through an increase in matter in your body, additional fat absorbtion, and also the build up of colon plaque.

Women especially seem to suffer tremendously with irregular bowel movements. I have dealt with a lot of women with this problem and some are so bad that they only experience bowel movements 2 to 3 times per month! Apart from the weight problems, think of just how much toxic waste is being reabsorbed back into your body and causing sickness, lethargy etc.

Colon cleansing is at the top of the list as far as internet scams go nowadays. there are just so many colon cleansing programs with these lovely pictures of people holding these disgusting looking products of their own bodies and saying things like “look at what just came out of my bum”. Honestly, what decent and respecting person would post a picture of something like that on the internet for millions of people to see , unless they were going to be making lot’s of moneyfrom it.

Although colon cleansing is in itself not a scam, most of the colon cleansing products that are being sold and marketed on the internet are based on scams. Read my article on God’s Colon Cleansing Products.

2) A healthy Diet promotes Weight Control.

We eat unhealthily and poison our bodies with the food that we eat. Many foods are so processed and full of chemicals that we gain no nutrition from them and merely pump our bodies with more toxins. In the early bible God gave us clear messages at to what our diets should consist of in order to remain healthy. Modern lifestyles and fast food convenience has left us eating foods that will kill us.
Much more details listed here : .

I am not a supporter of crash diets or any other diet that will leave you half starved. I am a supporter of good eating of healthy and nutritional food that will assist you in losing weight, feeling good, and detoxifying your body.

Most of the diets are designed to starve your body and therefore to get the body to feed off of the stored energy in the fat of your body. The biggest problem with that is the minute that you start to eat again, your body immediately tries to replace the lost stored energy (Fat) and so your weight that you lost comes back with a vengeance. And so you try the next diet. Sound familiar.

3) Exercise for consistent health and weight control.

Gym’s have sprung up everywhere and it is being encouraged that in order to lose weight we have to embark on a strenuous exercise routine. If we are unable to run a half marathon then we are getting fat! Rubbish. While it is great to be super fit, very few people have the time to embark on a get fit mission.

Exercise through walking and doing small physical jobs around the home or office is sufficient enough to kickstart your meatbolism and to keep you in shape.

God did not create us obese. God created us in His own image and I do not believe for one minute that God is obese. God created us as perfect and beautifull beings. He created us to be admired and to be beautiful. We destroyed His creation.

How do we get back to how God created us? In order to get back to the way that God created us, we need to follow three simple steps.

1) Renew our Spirits.
2) Renew our minds.
3) Renew our bodies.

The conventional weight loss system that we are taught is similar to cleaning a house. We go through the house and tidy up everything, clean and dust. Ten minutes after the kids come home, we wonder why we bothered as the house is already a mess and there is dirt everywhere.  In order to remedy the situation, we can either start the whole cleaning problem again, or we can start to train the kids to keep the house tidy and clean.

God’s way to weight loss is all about treating the root cause of the problem and not just to keep on tidying the house on an ongoing basis.

Now in all your dieting products that you have purchased before, there have been guarantees, some products have carried a 10 day guarantee, some 30 days and a few have possibly carried 90 day guarantee at the most.

Dr Frank has developed the “Weight Loss God’s way” system which comes with the small price of $39-99. Dr Frank is so confident that his system will not only help you to lose weight, but also that the weight will stay off, that he is offering a lifetime guarantee. This has never been heard of before on any weight loss product.

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